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We have the best training and state of the art technology to restore documents damaged by fire or water.

Emergency Document Restoration

Call us immediately after a document disaster. Being on-site quickly can mean the difference between recovering vital records cost effectively and losing critical information. Our document restoration response team is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A stack of burning documents

After a fire, cleaning and treatment should be performed immediately for best results. It is critical to remove documents from the scene immediately to stop the remaining soot and smoke in the air from seeping further into the paper fibers. Our team of document technicians often work closely with professional restoration contractors to remediate the fire damage in your office, library, school or home.

Stack of old magazines with water damage

Moisture and humidity create a two-fold attack on paper and archive records. Water damage continues to destroy the physical state of the paper, and the mold, mildew and bacteria can render the documents a health hazard to the team restoring them. To stop the damage to your paper documents, you must act quickly and transport the books to a safe moisture-free location.

An open old moldy book

In cases of mold, it’s critical to contact DFD to have affected documents moved and cleaned off-site to limit exposure to harmful environmental contaminants. DFD can restore documents without exposing them to harmful chemicals and without imparting radioactivity to treated documents.

Find the Nearest DFD Location

With multiple locations throughout the US, we offer national coverage you can count on. We partner with claim adjusters, insurance agents, contractors, and policyholders to arrive at any loss situation within hours.

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We have the best training and state of the art technology to restore damaged documents.